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Apply to Volunteer with Cru High School

We are so excited that you want to volunteer with Cru High School. Helping START a spiritual movement among teenagers in your local community is one of the most rewarding activities you can be involved in. It is important, however, that we help you get started on the right foot.

I’m a student involved in Cru at my college or university…

  • Talk with your local Cru leader about your desire to start a high school movement.
  • Pray and consider if you are ready and available to take on a responsibility such as this.  If you are unsure, or have questions about this, talk with your staff member or give us a call at the Coaching Center.
  • If you are ready to apply there are two steps in the process. 
    Apply Online
    First, fill out the online Cru High School volunteer application, or you may apply through the Cru staff at your location. Second, you need to download a background check (link is found just to your right on this page), complete it, and fax to 866-855-4244 or you may mail it to:
    Cru High School Human Resources
    100 Lake Hart Dr. 3200
    Orlando, FL. 32832
  • Give Cru High School's Coaching Center a call at 877-462-2678 to talk about the rest of the process.

I am not involved in Cru but have an interest in starting a new Cru High School movement in my community…

  • Call Cru High School's Coaching Center at 1-877-Go-Campus (462-2678) to see what is involved with opening a Cru High School ministry location, and if this would be the best way for you to launch a high school movement in your community.

Visit for more resources.

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